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Hi. My name is Anastasia. I've been leaving in China a bit more than two years. Not as most of foreigners who come to China, I was interested and in love with it long before. However when I step out of the plane for the first time I didn’t know a word in Chinese.

With my first half a year that I lived in Beijing with a homestay family I improved my Chinese a lot as it’s almost impossible to find there anyone who speaks a bit English. Beijing is a very cultural and beautiful place despite all the negative things people say about pollution and traffic jam problems.

However hearing about all the great comments about Shanghai made me wanna go and see it by myself. This tiny impulse of curiosity brought me to where I am now. My relationship with Shanghai had all different levels of feelings: hate, love, lough and tears, fun and boredom.

It happened that since a little girl I’m used to move from one country to another and only here I actually feel like home even without my parents being around. SUFE became my family and made me want to stay here forever. It also happened that I started my education in two other universities but none of them made me want to continue my education and actually graduate. SUFE gives a lot of opportunities to show yourself, be involved in all different activities and event, meet new great people, and have fun during and after the class. The only thing you should do is just be open-minded and active.

I enjoyed my first year as a bachelor student a lot. I became a monitor of the class and was kept busy by our school office, also made a lot of new friends who happen to be all over the world and are great people with their own talents and also I met my love.

Now I’m at the second grade. It’s totally different as now we have a chance to study with Chinese students and choose our subjects by ourselves. It’s another level of education but it’s awesome! And now I became a head of public relations in SUFE ISS (International Students Society), which is another fantastic opportunity, as we have to meet a lot of representatives of different corporations and other universities.

I can talk about how great China, Shanghai and SUFE is forever but it’s always better to have your own chance to live it yourself. So don’t hesitate and come join us!