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I’m Premwadee Ammarapornpisut from Thailand. My Chinese name is Su Hui Xian. In 2014 I received a scholarship from CSC (China Scholarship Council) to study the Master degree in International Economic and Trade at Nankai University.

I can still remember that when in mid-June 2014. I opened my mailbox and couldn't believe my eyes that I have received a congratulation email with the admission notice for being a master degree student in the field of International Economic and Trade. I was so happy I don't know what to do.

Coming to a new place and new environment which I don't know whether I can spend my life here happily or not, I was happy and worry at the same time.

But when I stepped here I can know it, this my second home, “Nankai University”, the atmosphere here is lovely and warm. The first day, I met many people from various countries, some countries I don’t even know where it is. Variouslanguage and various culture but we all have the same destination, “Nankai”. From this place, I have learn more than just Chinese language, I met new friends from many country, show them Thai culture, and learn Chinese and other cultures. I also met a country mate which I never meet before in Thailand, it is like destiny. We live together like a big family, it is so enjoyable I couldn’t find any word to describe.

When I encounter problems, no matter how difficult the problem is, teacher, friends and other staff assist without any complaining. Getting a very good caring, this is why I love and have a deep connection to this place.

Time passed so fast, next semester I am going to graduate. I want to thank the University for giving this little girl an opportunity to follow her dreams and make it become true. Thank you for the amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. Especially thanks to all the teachers that taking care of me like their own daughter, also to all friends who always helping me, make me feel like we are speaking the same language. And more than that, this place improved my knowledge and skills, with which I can enter the new society confidently.