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Jureynolds camefrom the thousand islands country - Indonesia. He was attracted by Chinese characters. In 2009 hestarted learning Chinese language in his university.After that, he couldn’t stop studying Chinese language.When he was an undergraduate in Indonesia, he had a great hope to come to the wonderful country, China, to experience the charm of Chinese culture.

“Jureynolds and His Chinese Dream”

Before coming to China, Jureynolds studied Chinese hard and spent two years to improve his Chinese. He participated in Chinese Bridge in 2010 - at Indonesia region, he got the "best speaker award”. This valuable experience made his Chinese level rapidly improve and he was inspired to take challenges in the storytelling and speech contest in Indonesia. He said: "The purpose of joining in the competition is to improve my Chinese level, whether the award is not important, the most important thing is the process, it helps me to find and upgrade my skills." When he was in Indonesia, he received HSK one-year scholarship for outstanding achievement to study Chinese in China, but he decided to give this opportunity to other students, because he wanted to concentrate on completing his study and to continue his study in China after his undergraduate graduation in Indonesia.

“The comprehensive development in Jureynolds’ student life”  

Jureynolds with GPA 3.96, has completed the bachelor degree of Chinese Literature, and applied to Chinese Government Scholarship Program, realize his Chinese dream. In 2013, he was lucky to achieve Chinese government scholarship, to become a master degree student majoring in Linguistics and applied linguistics in Shenyang Normal University."Although I came to China for the first time, but I was familiar with everything in China." That year was the first time for Jureynolds to come to China, but he was very familiar with all aspects of China. He easily got used to the local customs.

He was very pleased to have the opportunity to study in China. He studied hard and achieved excellent results, the average score of 18 courses was 94 points. While studying and attending lectures and seminars, he also enhanced his ability in Chinese language research. In September 2015, he participated in the "Under the background of international education of Chinese language and culture education international Seminar" (hosted by Shenyang Normal University, coordinated by Language Association of Liaoning Province, organized by College of International Education of Shenyang Normal University). He published a study paper and participated in the discussion forum. Whether he was in the major courses or in scientific research activities, his outstanding performances wereapproved by the school leader, teachers and students. China is his treasure country to develop himself!

"I think that if you want to develop yourself, you have to actively participate in any activities outside school. Although you get very tired, but your harvest will be beyond your imagination." He participated in a lot of activities inside and outside school; he was a chairman, participated in the show, with exquisite calligraphy and flute performances to conquer the audience. In 2014, he participated in a large TV show “Beautiful China and Ancient Capital”. In 2015, in the reading culture festival hosted by Library of Shenyang Normal University, as a “Real Book” to introduce Indonesian culture, he performed an Indonesian dance and became a friendly envoy of China and foreign countries’exchange.

Performanced in a large TV Show “Beautiful China and Ancient Capital”

He actively participated in social practice activities, not only exchange cultures and experiences in Shenyang community, but also went to “Red Hat” school in Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous Region as a volunteer. He diligently understood China and also united the students from all over the world, enthusiastically helped people, and he had a very good reputation in the international student’s community. He also participated in theuniversity students’innovation and entrepreneurship project, organizinginternationalstudents to study Chinese traditional martial arts. From this project, he devoted himself to create the specific characteristic for teaching activities forstudents, especially for international students.

“Outstanding achievements in many competitions”

He had outstanding professional skills, so hegot the second place at the debate of Shenyang Normal University for graduated students, and showedan international topic in this competition. He won the special prize for Chinese teaching skills in the competition between Chinese and foreign graduated students. He made an open class of Chinese teaching skills for graduated students. He hold some open seminars like “Teaching Chinese for Foreigners”, ”PowerPoint presentation design for teaching Chinese” and also displayed national cultural exhibition. He participated in a lot of competitionsand got many achievements.

He said, "My school leaders, teachers and friends are supporting me and accompanying me to grow up in China. I will cherish this opportunity and will not to live up to their expectations about me. I think it will be the best way that I can do for them". Jureynolds participated in “Chinese Bridge”-Global Foreigners Chinese Competition in 2014, he was the best 48 and got an excellent award in this competition. During next two years of participating in Chinese contests in Liaoning province, he was qualified assenior personnel in foreign languages and became a senior talent of foreign languages in Liaoning province, which was organized by Employment and Personnel Services Bureau of Liaoning Province.

Participated in “Chinese Bridge”-Global Foreigners Chinese Competition in 2014

“Chinese Calligraphy and Bamboo Flute enriched his study life”

"I remember my “Chinese mother”, Professor Jin Xueli, let me learn Chinese culture and skills. She always supported melearning new things that I couldn’tlearn in the class. At the beginning, I just wanted to learn basic calligraphy and play flute. Inever thought I loved them too much to part with them. I feel very happy to write even a few charactersand play flute for a while!" he said.

He used to spend his spare time to learn Chinese culture; he learned and mastered the skills of Chinese culture, such as Chinese calligraphy and playing bamboo flute.He had made notable progress with his calligraphy skill; he got an award of International Friendship in first and second Calligraphy competitionsfor university students in Liaoning province. He also won the second place at "the beauty of culture - teachers and students in calligraphy exhibition"at Shenyang Normal University In 2014. His calligraphy works had also been displayed in Shenyang to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory in war of resistance in calligraphy exhibition.


Participated inthe 70 anniversary of the victory in war of resistance in calligraphy exhibition.

He studied Chinese traditional instrument- Bamboo Flute, practiced hard, and now he reached a higher level in performance. His fluteteacher is from Chinese musical college of Shenyang Normal University. The teacher said, "He had already learned to play many songs, while I spent more than ten years to play these songs. I hope he canunderstand the different music styles of songs and bring these beautiful sounds to his country". He understood Chinese culture very well, so all people that knew him called him “China expert”. And he was also one of the excellent students in Shenyang Normal University.

Performing bamboo flute in “Chinese Bridge”-Global Foreigners Chinese Competition in Beijing in 2014.

“Continue writing the story between Jureynolds and China”

Jureynolds loves China and Chinese culture.In order to become an excellent sinologist, he decided to continue studying Chinese in China. He had applied for the Chinese government scholarship in March 2016. He is planning to go to Central University for Nationalities in China to take doctor degree. With his diligence and progress, we could understand his progress and growth. We also could see his determination and motivation to realize his dream in Chin