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In France, even barbers know the far-famed Sciences Po University in Paris, the cradle of many political and diplomatic elites, such as the former President Sarkozy and Mayor Chirac. Nicolas Romuald, a junior at this world-renowned university, however, decided to leave his beloved homeland and came to China as an exchange student this academic year. Just as he said, it is the eagerness and longing for experiencing a totally different lifestyle that drove him here in his 3rd year of Bachelor’s program.

Choosing HUST accidentally yet loving it definitely

It feels like the invisible fate brings Nicolas to HUST. Nicolas wanted to learn Public Administration taught in English. By coincidence, he got informed that HUST is offering a bilingual program for the major he desired to sign up for. As a result, without any doubt, HUST becomes his first and longest stop in China.

“SICA members help me a lot and I want to express my sincere thanks to them,” said Nicolas when he recalled his first day in HUST. Obsessed with the peaceful and harmonious environment in HUST, Nicolas usually prefers staying inside the campus rather than hanging out.

Stay hungry for knowledge and stay foolish when learning 

The courses in Science Po are highly selective as the university allows undergraduates to go beyond the borderline of majors and select whatever they are interested in. A student with great self-motivation, Nicolas made the best of the educational system by specializing in social science, law and history.

After coming to HUST, though poor at Chinese, he shows great passion for political discussion with his Chinese professors. And with a strong theoretical view on the derivation of democracy, he is very enthusiastic about studying the democracy in China. “Public administration is full of charming and I want to know many different things in China,” he said.

Longing for more exchanges with Chinese students

Living in a foreign country is full of untold novelties, and sometimes being away from friends and families gets you struck by loneliness and homesickness. But this smart boy has his own way of spending spare time. “I like reading all types of books: novels and interesting essays; listening to music, especially jazz; getting involved in interesting activities and visiting museums and etc.”

Also, he is fond of exploring new places; meeting new people, talking with them; walking around the parks and taking photos. He meets a language barrier in the community he is in, but he can cope with it. What he longs for most is having more exchanges with Chinese people: “I want a real Chinese society; I come to China for something different.”

Life is full of possibilities

As a well-driven and motivated student, Nicolas always has brilliant ideas of exploring something new. He intends to get a Master’s degree in Urbanism. “But I am still young,” he said. “I am 21, life is full of possibilities for me. Science Po has given me the chance to learn anything that I want to try but I am still exploring.”