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"I am a foreigner"

Elena shows great talent in language. She is studying Chinese in Wuhan. She wants to get a job from a trading company after graduation. She has studied Chinese in Moscow for three years and in Wuhan for a year. Therefore, Elena's Chinese level is quite good. When she used software like QQ to chat with others, people often do not know that she is a foreigner.

" One day,  I chat with a Chinese on the QQ. I told him that I was a foreigner, he did not believe."

"I'm glad to study in China"

Elena did not have the thought of learning Chinese before her college  career  , even didn't think that one day she will come to China.

"Now China is developing quickly, the Chinese culture and history is also very rich, I can learn a lot of things.”

"I never go abroad, not away from my parents and take the airplane, for me, I'm afraid to go to unfamiliar countries. But  Chinese are very kind and cheerful. I'm glad to study in China.”

"I like the eastern countries. I'm learning Chinese and Arabic."

"Be  a  model  is  unstable"

After the "Wuhan search beauty", Elena received many invitations from model companies. She did very well.

Elena’scareer last longer than her experience in learning Chinese. Before her college time, she has studied in model school for 1 year.

"It is not  a  job .It is a hobby."

Model should be a hobby more than a job for Elena. Now, she has been learning Chinese preparing for getting the Master of Social Science degree 1 year later.

"Can not  stand  the  weather  here  in  summer”

Elena  has  traveled to many cities of China.

"Every city has its own peculiarities, its own history and character. So it is interesting.”

Elena made many new friends in Wuhan.

she's not satisfied with Wuhan's air quality.

"I can not stand the weather here in summer.”