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Kishore Kumar Biswas, from Bangladesh, is an alumnus of Peking University (PKU) and also a Bengali teacher of “Belt and Road Initiative” program at School of Foreign Languages of PKU. 16 years ago he came to China, 11 years ago he became attached to PKU, and in 2015he started to work at PKU.

New Acquaintance with China and Chinese

Kishore’s memory of the“first acquaintance” with China is still fresh, which was the benefit of China’s goods assistance to Bangladesh. He knew more about China through these exported Chinese goods and started to yearn for this mysterious nation.  Moreover, he also mentioned that Chinese Kung Fu was very popular in Bangladesh. People liked Chinese Kung Fu movies and Kung Fu stars like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan very much. All of these were the initiative reasons of Kishore’slooking forward to China.

In 1999, Kishore graduated from senior high school and knew that Chinese government would provide Bangladesh students with Chinese Government Scholarship. Although he knew not much about China in that time and the quota of the scholarship is only five, he still decided to sign up and prepared for the exam very carefully. Finallyhe took the first place in the exam and got Chinese Government Scholarship, which gave him access to get closer to China and Chinese culture.

2nd “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition

Kishore studied Chinese in Huazhong University of Science and Technology for the first year and then was admitted to the major of Computer Science and Technology in Tsinghua University and got his Bachelor’s degreethere. After graduationhe continued his Master’s study in Peking University. In 2009, he took part in the 2nd“Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competitionfor Foreign Students in China and finally got the championship. And thenhe began to engage in Chinese traditional arts and loved the Chinese culture very much.

Study at PKU with teachers and friends

Due to the excellence performance, Kishore won the Chinese Government Scholarship again in his Master’s and Doctor’s study in PKU.During his doctoral studyhe published two important papers in core journal and wrote 100,000 Chinese characters in his doctoral dissertation, which was difficult to Chinese students, let alone international students. He owed a big debt of gratitude to his teachers and friends.

Wedding photo in 2011

The most important spiritual support for Kishore is his wife.In the summer of 2006he was borrowing books at the library and met a girl from Minzu University of China. After this acquaintance they began to date and studied together. In 2011 they got married and now they have a one-year old child.

Diverse PKU-- Kishore’s Mental Home

Kishore was invited to join in the“Belt and Road Initiative” program and became a teacherof PKU. He thought there were two things of PKU, which attracted him very much.One is the sense of belonging from the beautiful campus and the other one is colorful activities in PKU.From 2005 he took part in many kinds of activities in PKU, which helped him to get much more communication and exchange with the Chinese students and to understand much better for this university and this country.

Crescent Spring at Dunhuang in 2009

“Belt and Road Initiative” Public Bengali Culture Day in 2015

Kishore has been studied in China more than one decade and he sends his words to those Bengali youth who are yearning for China. “You will know more about China, and you will not regret about your choice and must fall in love with this nation!”