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I like travelling in different countries! When presented with the opportunity to go to China to continue my study in Chinese Language Program, I didn’t think twice.

I just thought I would never have the chance again, China is so fascinating and so far from Africa. I liked the idea of arriving in a country where I didn’t know anyone or anything.

Having previously studied and worked in several countries, I am no stranger to the challenges of being away from home. I love my family but I love to travel.

It’s valuable to study in China, because I can hone my language skills travelling the country: The Great Wall, Forbidden City (Palace Museum), Terracotta Army, Yangtze River, Silk Road, Li River, spending time in both the desert and the rainforest. It was Yunnan that I loved the most, because there are just so many things always going on.

I left China armed with new insights and new friends, including the family I first met on the long flight who picked me up for dinner and dropped me back to the campus afterwards. Chinese are the nicest people I ever met.

I am now working in my home country as a Wealth Advisor, a role that sees my dealing with entrepreneurs, fund managers and private and corporate bankers as I work to build portfolios for clients.

That I am quick to adapt to diverse environments and personalities is a trait I insist I learned from living abroad in several places. I need to be flexible, I’m with different clients, financial customers and fund managers every day and there are different ways to interact with each of them.

China taught me to be tolerant, to learn how people see things differently. China gave me a unique perspective; it was a profound experience that totally changed my way of living, thinking and approaching life.