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I came to China at the age of 17 with eyes full of dreams, a bag full of belongings and primarily with an aim to grow personally and professionally.

In the first year of my stay in Beijing, I studied very hard to improve my Chinese language proficiency. It did not take me much time to discover that China has diverse culture. The diversity of Chinese culture enriched my study and life in China. I was surprised to find out how seriously China take their food.

After language study I decided to study further and pursue master degree. Knowing that China provides abundant programs, I started off with my master degree in Computer Science at Peking University. After completing my degree, I was hired by a multinational consulting company to work as a consultant.

Looking back at the journey I had, China has added significant value to my life. I had an opportunity to meet some great people, fulfilled my dreams to have an international degree from a renowned university, work in a globally renowned firm and have experienced some great moments which moulded me into the person I am today.

I am glad to say that my decision of coming to China 5 years ago was a life-changing moment of my life.