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I had studied and lived more than 15 years in UK before I came to China. In 1998 the civil war broke out in my home country, the whole country descended into chaos, millions people was killed and the abundant natural resources were plundered by invaders. During this war, the people of Congo found their true friends and China was one of the best friends.

In 2008, I was enrolled by the University of Reading to start to study the relationship between China and Congo (Kinshasa), but latter I found it was not very appropriate for to conduct my research there. During my study of China issue, I met many Chinese scholars and diplomats and they suggested me that it was better to go to study in China. Although I had lived in UK for 15 years, I still wanted to come back to my home country to help rebuild my country. I went to my home country and I applied for studying in Peking University, one of the best universities in China as well as worldwide.

It was a hard decision to study in China, because I had to learn two years Chinese language before my study. According to the policy of Peking University, many master programs can only be taught in Chinese. But with the help of many Chinese friends, I really made it. Now I am conducting my research in China and I am very happy to live here.

I am studying very hard and I believe that my oversea study experience in China will be helpful for rebuilding my home country. I hope, the friendship between Congo (Kinshasa) and China will get more and more closely.