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Mechanical Engineering
Degree Type: Bachelor
Application Deadline: 2017-08-20
Language: English
Starting Date: 2017-09-01
Duration: 4 years
Tuition: CNY 30000.00
Application Fee Through University: USD 100.00
Application Fee Through CTUAS: USD 100.00


• A member of national “Project 985” &“Project211”

• The first university in aerospace technology in China

• Offers the best English taught Mechanical Engineering

• A beautiful campus with a forestation rate up to more than 50%

• Awesome accommodation for students & Pleasurable surroundings around the campus

• Located in Beijing, the capital of China, the political, economic, and cultural center.



School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation (SMEA), BeiHang University (BUAA) was founded in 1998, based on the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Department of Electromechanical Engineering, with the origins of the specialties of Aircraft Manufacturing, Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Process and Aircraft Instruments, traced back to 1950s.

SMEA covers 7 disciplines including Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechanical Manufacturing and

Automation, Mechatronical Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering, Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering, Material Processing and Control Engineering, and Industrial Design. Among the disciplines above, ‘Mechanical Design and Theory’ and ‘Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation’, are approved of the State Key Discipline, and the posts of Special Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Program are available in these two disciplines. All the disciplines offer the programs of Ph.D. MSc. MEng., as well as postdoctoral research positions.

Currently, there are 170 faculty and staff members, including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 young outstanding professor awarded the title of “Changjiang” scholar, 45 professors and 60 associate professors. There are 1400 enrolled students totally in SMEA, including 800 undergraduates, 600 graduate students.

In SMEA there are the National Key Laboratory of Robotics, the National Key Laboratory of Design

Automation, the Laboratory of Flexible Manufacturing System for China Hi-Tech R&D Plan, Beijing’s Key Laboratory of Digitalized Design and Manufacturing, and the National “211”Project Research Centers of Digital Design and Manufacturing, Advanced Machining Technology, Advanced Technology of Sheet Forming, Advanced Robotics, as well as Teaching and Training Centers of CAD/CAM, Fundamentals of Mechanical Design, etc.

The research activities in SMEA mainly focus on the following areas: Mechanism Theory, Advanced

Robotics, Modern Design Theory and Digital Design of Products, Novel Transmission System, Advanced Sheet Forming Process and Equipment, Quality Engineering, Manufacturing Scheduling and Execution System, Computer Numerical Control and Servo Systems, Industrial Process Measurement and Equipment, Non-destructive Industrial Inspection, Industrial Process Measurement and Control, Joining Process and Equipment, MEMS, Nanomechanical Technology, etc.

Item Amount (RMB/Per Year)
Tuition fee 30000.00 (Approximately)
Medical Examination 500.00 (Approximately)
Insurance 800.00 (Approximately)
Accommodation Fee 7800.00 (Approximately)
Residence Permit 400.00 (Approximately)
Living Cost 25000.00 (Approximately)
Settlement and Other Cost 2000.00 (Approximately)
Not: Medical Examination only need to be paid at the 1st academic year.

How to Apply

(1) Overall Procedure

You need only to complete the following procedure which is very convenient and time saving

1. Click “Apply Now”

2. Fill in online application

3. Upload all the required documents and Submit your application

4. Pay the application fee

5. Wait for the application results

Important notice: You need to create an account before applying. Account name needs to be a valid email, which will be used to receive our system notice.

(2) Required documents

1. One photocopy of your passport;

2. Passport-size Photos of the applicant;

3. Official transcripts;

4. An official certificate of your highest education; or an official Certificate of Enrollment for the ones still on campus.

5. Two Recommendation Letters from professors in the same academic field (The letters should be written in the blank recommendation form and enclosed in special envelopes with seal);

6. Language Proficiency certificate; (Certificate of HSK for Chinese-taught Programs. Official copy of TOEFL or IELTS scores for applicants whose first language is not English for English-taught Programs)

7. Personal Statement including previous study and work experiences, academic research achievement, planned research proposal, and individual development objective after graduation.

Notice: Note that all Certificates or Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be notarized in Chinese or English editions.



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