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Best Quality Service as the Core Value of CTUAS

CTUAS devotes itself to offer the best quality service for the international students who want to study in China. CTUAS has established broad cooperation relationship with top universities in China and it provides the most comprehensive information of these universities. Through the free online application system, international students can select their favorite university and the most suitable program. In addition, in order to guarantee the enrollment chances, international students can choose more than one offer. Before submitting their application, applicants can enjoy free online consulting service about every aspect of China, such as the education system and the daily life. After deciding to apply for universities through CTUAS, applicants just need only a few minutes to complete their application information. After submitting the application, applicants will get a confirmation message from CTUAS within 24 hours and they will receive the final application result in 2 weeks. When applicants are admitted to one university, CTUAS will first inform the admission decision and confirm the mailing address online and then deliver the admission package by DHL. After applicants receive their admission package, CTUAS will still keep in contact with them and offer any useful service when they need.

Professionalism as the Core Competitiveness of CTUAS

For the sake of applicants, CTUAS has simplified the application procedure of the university office for international students. CTUAS has possessed a highly competitive position through its professionalism, high efficiency, and rich experience.
From the very beginning of any application, CTUAS will keep in contact with the applicants and will reply their questions instantly.
Behind every e-mail, CTUAS consulting team and student service team are endeavoring to track your case by frequent contacts with university admission offices.

CTUAS will timely inform you to add outstanding documents or to replace unqualified materials. Otherwise, you could possibly be rejected directly for these reasons without any chance to appeal for yourself.Once CTUAS receives your admission letter directly from the university, staff will e-mail you a scan copy of it and post the letter via DHL at the same time for free.

Customization as the Characteristic of CTUAS
The main orientation of the CTUAS is to provide applicants customized service. Any applicants have the right to choose different services according to their demand, and then CTUAS will commit itself to meet their needs. Applicants just need follow the steps below:
1.    Selecting universities and programs
2.    Registering a CTUAS account
3.    Completing application information
4.    Paying the application fee
5.    Waiting for the reply
6.    Receiving Admission Letters